Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
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The Mycology Laboratory focuses on the isolation of yeasts and moulds from many body sites. Specimen examination is performed using microscopic analysis, serologic detection (Cryptococcus) and culture techniques. Susceptibility testing of significant yeast isolates is performed for a variety of antifungal agents. Specimens investigated include blood, organ tissue, lower respiratory tract samples, spinal fluids, other sterile-site fluids, wounds and superficial specimens such as hair, skin and nails. A non-cultural method is used to detect Pneumocystis jirovecii from lower respiratory tract specimens. Galactomannan testing from bronchial alveolar lavage specimens and serum is available to aid in the diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis and is performed in the serology section of the Virology laboratory at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Charlton site. The Mycology laboratory supports the cancer and transplantation programs for its immunosuppressed patients who are susceptible to fungal infections.

The Mycology Laboratory operates mainly on a 5-day service basis (Monday - Friday), 0800-1600h and is located at the Hamilton General site. Cryptococcal antigen and Pneumocystis detection tests are available 7 days / week.



Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program • Hamilton, Ontario