Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
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The HRLMP Genetics Laboratories are located at the McMaster site and include the following services:

  • Cytogenetics
  • Molecular Diagnostic Genetics
  • Molecular Cancer Genetics
  • Red Cell Disorders 

Please click on the appropriate link to find lists of test offerings or requisition forms:

 Cytogenetics       Test List and Requisition Form      
  Molecular Diagnostic Genetics   Test List and Requisition Form
 Molecular Cancer Genetics       Test List and Requisition Form
  Red Cell Disorders Test List and Requisition Form


Chromosome abnormalities may be the cause for spontaneous abortuses or repeated miscarriages, congenital malformations, mental retardation, or infertility.  They are also are important in the workup of patients with hematologic/oncologic disorders. Cytogenetic analysis is used for diagnosis, classification of disease, to help in treatment decisions and to monitor disease status and recovery.

The HRLMP Cytogenetics Laboratory is located at the McMaster site and provides comprehensive services for all types of chromosome studies, including congenital disorders, prenatal diagnosis, and hematologic/oncologic disorders. Our laboratory director, scientists certified by the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists or American Board of Medical Genetics, and laboratory technologists are committed to providing the high quality cytogenetic analyses including traditional cytogenetics techniques as well as molecular chromosomal microarray and FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization).

Molecular Diagnostic Genetics and Molecular Cancer Genetics

Molecular genetic testing is used in prenatal diagnosis, diagnosis of many congenital disorders, risk assessment for familial cancers, as well as diagnosis, staging and prognostic assessment, prediction of treatment response and residual disease monitoring of somatic malignancies.

The Molecular Genetics laboratories located at the McMaster site provide expertise in molecular genetic testing for both congenital disorders and inherited or somatic cancer syndromes.  Our laboratory director and scientists certified by the Canadian College of Medical Geneticist or American Board of Medical Genetics are leaders in the field who collaborate with laboratory technologists, genetic counselors, and clinicians to develop molecular assays that increase mutation detection for improved patient care.

Red Cell Disorders

The Red Cell Disorders and Genetics Laboratory provides diagnostic services for a variety of benign and malignant hematologic diseases. The laboratory has expertise in specialized analysis of the hemoglobin variants, thalassemias  and hemolytic anemias as well as providing molecular testing for several malignant disorders including leukemia, lymphoma and the myeloproliferative disorders. It is also the Provincial DNA Hemoglobinopathy Laboratory used as an Ontario reference centre with a long history of leading edge new test development and validation. 

The laboratory is located at McMaster University Medical Centre. Our laboratory director is certified by American Board of Medical Genetics who works closely with the laboratory technologists and a technical specialist who are focused on the developing a leading edge diagnostic service for red cell disorders.


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